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August 5, 2011, 9:17 PM

What's the Big Deal About Sunday?

Indeed.  As we approach this Sunday's text in Hebrews (3:7-4:13), this will be the question I will be trying to address.

As always, there are so many things we could do in this big play room of a sermon bite.  I know it sounds wierd, but as I was on my way home from a movie today -- I kept thinking, "Why didn't they do it this way?"  "Why didn't they add more warmth to this character?"  "Why didn't they expand on that important (to me) theme?"

And then, it hit me.  Movies are just like sermons.  The producers/directors/screen writers and preachers must take a lot of stuff and condense it into a seeable/hearable story.  This means leaving alot of stuff on the cutting room floor.  (Which is why I started this blog in the first place!)

And so, here in Sunday's sermon, I must focus on the "sabbath rest" theme that flows through the chapter.  Know that what we have begun in the first two sermons still holds.  The preacher in Hebrews is still exhorting his hearers/readers to keep with the program, so to speak.  Jesus is the one and only.  He is worth it.  No matter what.

Now, the preacher begins to give them another perspective of why it's all worth it -- and it has to do with what the future will look like.  What God's people can look forward to in his good time.  Yes, shorthand:  What heaven will be like.

Now, I hope you can anticipate what I will say about the Lord's Day -- Sunday!

That's the trajectory, folks.  See you Sunday!

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