On the Plains of Moab Blog
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September 27, 2016, 11:13 AM

Welcome to Moab!

“On the Plains of Moab.” Seems like a strange name for a blog. What in the world?


Well, let me explain with a little background here. You see, when the nation of Israel was coming to the completion of their forty year wilderness wanderings, we find God’s people camping on the plains of Moab, next to the Jordan River, across from Jericho, overlooking the land of Canaan. The Promised Land. The Land flowing with milk and honey. The good Land that God promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It was here that Moses instructed the second generation before they went in to take possession of the Land. This instruction is found in the first five books of our Old Testament, from Genesis through Deuteronomy.


As I think about our life together as God’s people, in Jesus Christ, I can’t help but place the Church on the banks of the Jordan; there on the Plans of Moab. Even as Christ has come. Even as the Kingdom is here in Jesus, I can’t help but relate the Church, here and now, to the wilderness journeys of God’s people. We are a “Now” people, awaiting the “Not Yet” of the New Heavens and New Earth. Our Promised Land. We live, we work, we worship and we anticipate all that God still has in store for us on this side of the Jordan. There is much to learn here on "the plains of Moab," which is the Church outpost, waiting on the renewal of all things, and for God to be all-in-all. But, as we wait, new creations in Christ, we still experience growing pains. We still wrestle with a sin nature. And, we still see evil and temptations lurking all around. So. Here on "the plains of Moab," just like that old second generation of Israel, we, the Church, need to be instructed. We need to be exhorted to live like the people we've been called to be in Jesus. And we need encouragement through it all.


Having said that, here’s what this blog will be about going forward: I want to share some extra thoughts from the Sunday sermons that didn't get said, but which need to be said. Perhaps clarifications. Perhaps corrections. I also want to share some articles that might be of encouragement and nourishment to you as you camp here in Moab. And maybe, just maybe, share some lighter stuff to make you smile. Oh, well, I can try! This is my plan. By grace and perseverance, it’ll happen.

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