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August 14, 2014, 11:00 AM

Tweaking Some Things

We've noted many of the bureaucratic changes that have taken place here at the church since we were compelled to change our historic name from New Hope to New Life when we moved into the EPC -- things like the new web address, the e-mail changes, new logos, new signage, new incorporation permissions, etc. etc.  Those were irritating, busy-work (and expensive!) changes that tested the limits of my fragile patience.  In hindsight, that was probably the real reason we were "invited" to change our name, notwithstanding the official reason given.  An extra brick in the wall.

I digress...

In spite of all that, I must say, I feel much better.  I am encouraged by where we are as a church.  I am excited about where we are going.  It really feels like a fresh, clean start.  I am energized at the thought of constructive ministry without the need for explaining what we are not  before getting to the good part about what we are.  Truly liberating.  This is what I signed on for over ten years ago at my ordination.

One other thing that gives me great joy today:  I just finished re-working the "What We Believe" section of this web site.

Before, we had a list of essentials that we had drawn up to describe what we believe.  We supplemented that with what we called the "Non-Negotiables of New Hope."  This was necessary at the time due to the extremely wide margin of belief within our former denomination.  I always heard the official line trotted out anytime someone questioned whether or not there were any essential beliefs to hang a hat on: "Of course we do!  We just don't have them in writing."  In other words, we do -- ...but we don't.  And so, at the time, we came up with our own so that our visitors and potential members would have some idea of the content of our belief.

However, now that we are a part of the EPC, the official beliefs are not so cloudy.  We are part of a church now that stands quite firmly on the foundational beliefs of Christianity.  Therefore, I have taken down the old Essentials and "Non-Negotiables" and replaced them with statements of belief from the EPC.  You'll find links to EPC history there.  As well, you'll find links to the Westminster Standards, and a copy of the Essentials pasted directly on the page.  It's pretty clear.

I trust that this change of information will be even more helpful to those looking for a solid church home.

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