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May 30, 2011, 9:01 AM

The Day After

It occurs to me while I'm preaching that there are certain things you just do not have time to say in the pulpit.  When you say something, you realize that there are always things that you need to qualify.  For example:  There's no such thing as a bad sermon.  I did qualify a little bit there by saying that a sermon needed to proclaim Christ in a sincere way.  But, the reality is, there are badly delivered sermons, even when the preacher is sincere and Christ is the focus, that don't connect with the pew and thus, are really bad sermons!

Having said that, I come back to yesterday.  Brainwashing your kids.  My intent in the sermon was to say, "Hey, look at the message that we preach.  What do you see there that you object to?  Loving your neighbor as yourself?  Being a peacemaker?  Praying for the good of your neighbor?  Being the kind of person, who like Jesus, will love you, warts and all?  I don't think anyone would, in principle, disagree or object to those things.  However, I understand that the application of Christianity gets warped.  Kids going to school and telling their non-practicing-Christian friends or otherwise -- "My God can beat up your god."  Or, "You're going to the place where the sun don't shine unless you accept Jesus!"  Or, we get quite militant in "sharing the Gospel" with strangers who find the potential of being a notch on our belt to be anything but Good News.  Truth is, we don't always live out well the message we accept as true.  Sometimes we make it really rather odious.

I come back to my sermon:  Perhaps this is why we need to double down on the admonition we get in Deut 6:4-9!  Maybe we have been fleeting hearers of the Word?  Maybe the message is just too surface?  Anyway, I stand by the admonition to mold, shape and nurture the Gospel in increasing measure and fervency in our children and grandchildren and church kids.  But, we also need to do the same thing for ourselves and among ourselves  -- "little children".

What do you think?


06-06-2011 at 10:27 AM
Artice M. Ledbetter
Good points! I pray that when I'm 'preaching' a message to my kids, my life is reflecting that message. It's usually what they see that they learn from more than what they hear! However, before I convey any message/lesson, the prayer is that God makes it first 'real' in me and evident in me! Thanks for the thoughts!!
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