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November 11, 2016, 11:29 AM

The Aftermath

After the election on Tuesday, I determined that I would not post anything on social media for a couple of days. First, we didn’t need to hear anyone gloating; or anyone whining; or, most especially, Christian pastors lecturing from the moral high ground of “nanny-nanny-poo, don’t you trust Jesus True?”

However, a couple of days have past, and I do want to add some thoughtfulness to the aftermath. Mark Galli, one of the editors over at Christianity Today, had some, as usual, trenchant remarks in his column today. He speaks to the seeming divide that now exists between those Evangelicals who voted for Mr. Trump and those who voted for Secretary Clinton. His words here are much needed. Here’s a sample:

We are Christians, for example, who believe that the evangel—the good news of the gospel—triumphs over any news the media might lament or celebrate.

We believe the most important political statement we make each week is not announcing to whom we’ve given our support but proclaiming the King who has given us his very life.

We are a people who love Jesus first, whose Bible is their ultimate rule of faith and practice, who believe spreading the good news of Jesus’ lordship and salvation in word and deed is our most important contribution to the common good.

We are Christians who treasure both our British-American heritage and our current global diversity, who are grateful recipients of a tradition shaped by the likes of Jonathan Edwards and John Wesley, William Wilberforce and William Booth, Lottie Moon and Amy Carmichael, Richard Allen and Sojourner Truth, Billy Graham and Bob Pierce, Watchman Nee and Kwame Bediako—who believe that the evangelical tradition is, despite its many flaws, a gift of God to the world precisely because it gives priority to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Read the rest of the article here.  After Trump, Should Evangelical Christians Part Ways?

Breakpoint also printed a number of Evangelical responses to the election, many of which are very thoughtful. Please understand that linking here is not an unconditional endorsement of every point of view represented in these opinion pieces.

The Election and the Church

And then, how could I not post something from Tim Keller?

Turning Good Political Causes Into Counterfeit Gods

Finally, another good reminder of who we are, as the church of Jesus Christ.

The Election Is Over. Let’s Get Political.

Now, for the record, and in the interest of self-disclosure, I did not vote in this election. I knew last summer that I would not be voting. I am not, by nature, a fence-sitter. I would be totally boring if a pollster ever came to my door. I do not usually change my mind when the wind blows in a different direction. It was painful not voting. You don’t know how tempting it was to drive by my usual polling location, and keep driving. This was my first time abstaining in a national election, ever. EVER. But, I was not going to violate my conscience to vote for a candidate that I just cannot vote for. Understand, I do not expect moral perfection in political candidates; or even that they be a professor of Faith in Jesus. I'll leave it there.

But, this is me. You’re you. You must do what your own conscience, hopefully captive to the lens of God's Word, dictates. I respect you, and however the Lord led you to vote.

The thoughts contained in the links shared above seem cathartic to me. I hope they will for you, as well.

One last thought. And I'll say this again first thing Sunday morning. We come to worship on the Lord's Day not as Republicans; or Democrats; or Libertarians; or even Americans. We come as Christians. Citizens of the Kingdom of God who happen to live in America.


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