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October 1, 2012, 5:29 PM

Thank You!

I am thinking about yesterday.  I am thinking of the heavy load of bricks that we dumped on the floor.  I am thinking about how much I hated -- yes I said hated -- preaching that sermon.  I had a heavy heart all morning.  I think I was hoping that it would all just go away and everything could continue just the way it always has.


It won't.  The issues that surround us are real.  They are serious.  And it's never going to be the same.  My heart breaks for all of the renewal efforts that have gone on faithfully in our denomination for many years.  However, when you are bleeding members and churches that are tired of the fighting, well, then, you get the picture.

We need to talk.  We need to pray.  We need to talk much more.  Your Session is opening up an opportunity for both prayer and discussion.  The next three Tuesday nights, the Session will host listening sessions for questions and sharing of concerns.  October 2nd, 9th and 16th.  Each night at 7:00 pm at the church.  You may also call any of them if you wish to speak more privately.  But, share your heart with us.  We need everyone in this to discern a future to live into.  Wherever that might be...or not be.  But, we must determine where we stand.  What kind of church are we?  What will define us?

Big thoughts.  We need a big God for this.  And we have Him!

On a more personal note.  Thanks for the love that I felt on Sunday.  I came across this on a blog in my newsfeed:

"Your pastor needs you to love him…even when he makes mistakes.  Do you love your pastor? Do you thank God for the person God has sent to lead your church? Here’s a more important question: does your pastor know you love him? I can tell you that there are many pastors today that wonder if anyone cares for them. Most pastors hear far more complaints than they hear encouragement. Everyone always shares burdens with the pastor, but few people stop just to share love with their pastor." (from Ron Edmondson, 5 Things Your Pastor Needs).

I want you to know, I do not feel neglected or unappreciated or unloved as a pastor.  This congregation wrapped its collective arms around me and my family yesterday.  It was simply beyond description.  I was low before I stepped into the pulpit, and I was low as I departed it 30 minutes later.  But, you were there.  And I thank you.  Really.

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