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October 7, 2016, 10:58 AM

Sunday and the Fourth Commandment

In thinking about the Fourth Commandment this Sunday, I thought it might be instructive to prime the pump with a letter to an anonymous pastor regarding The Lord’s Day from the perspective of the pew:

Dear Pastor, you often stress that observing the Christian Sabbath is vital for a healthy faith; but I think that the average Christian has to miss worship every now and then.

Please consider the following reasons:

Christmas: The Sunday before or after. (1 day)

New Year’s Day: Well, the party lasted too long. (1 day)

The Sunday following Easter: To get away for the holidays. (1 day)

July 4: Of course, a national holiday. (1 day)

Family Time: We just need a break from church – sanity time. (3 days)

Memorial Day: Supposed to be off from church. (1 day)

School Closing: The kids really need a break. (1 day)

School Opens: Just one last fling. (1 day)

Sleep Late: Saturday night activities. (5 days)

Anniversary: Need that second honeymoon. (1 day)

Sickness: One for each family member. (5 days)

Business Trips. (5 days)

Vacation. (4 days)

Bad Weather. (5 days)

Ball games. (7 days)

Company: Well, we can’t come to church with guests in the house. (5 days)

Time Changes: Spring ahead; fall back. (2 days)

The Super Bowl. (1 day)


Pastor, that leaves two Sundays per year.

So, you can count on us in church on the fourth Sunday in February and the third Sunday in August; unless providentially hindered.


Sincerely, Faithful Member.


All silliness aside, we do need to seriously consider the Fourth Commandment and what it means for our life together as believers in Jesus Christ. I am currently in the edit process of the message. It does look a little on the longer side, so, please set your watches back about ten minutes, and you’ll be out of church right on time!

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