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July 19, 2011, 5:09 AM

Segue Here

Last Sunday we looked ever so briefly at the "remembrance" portion of the Supper.  Why is it that Communion should arrest us in our steps and elicit even greater praise to God for the things he has done?  We must be ever vigilant and persistent in reminding ourselves of these things so that we will grow in ever-increasing amounts of grace and leave behind the ways of the forgetful hearer.

This is why God commanded his people out of Egypt to repeat the Passover feast on a regular basis, teaching the younger generation and reminding the older generation of the really important things in life.  Similarly, this is why we have a Church calendar from Advent all the way through Lent/Easter and Christ the King Sunday.  Keep these things in the forefront of the mind.

As a segue to the next 7-Up sermon series beginning this upcoming Sunday in the book of Hebrews -- I hope you will notice that the primary purpose of the writer of this book -- whoever that was -- is to extol the greatness, the matchlessness, the superiority of, and the wonder of God in Jesus Christ.  Remember this.  Cherish this.  Live in light of this.  The title of the new series is going to be "Christ:  The One & Only."  (For reasons -- after that burst of short superlatives -- that I trust are obvious.)

The reputation of Hebrews has been, in my experience, way too theological.  Way too complex to be practical.  But, in reality, it is an intensely practical book because it stirs up and reinforces the hope we have in Christ.  This is what I will be endeavoring to show as we get into this book of the New Testament.

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