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May 27, 2012, 12:16 PM

Post-Sermon Thoughts

I do not usually post so soon after a sermon, but I wanted to get these thoughts down quickly.  I preached a sermon today -- at least the frame of what I presented today - on two previous occasions.  Once in my prior church and the other at Woodbury Presbyterian in Orlando when I was still in seminary.  I do not recall laboring so much during those previous messages.  Many things were askew today.  The sermon media presentation went out of whack, and I was unable to use it.  When I began to preach, my voice was giving out and I was trying not to cough.  The heat was oppressive.  Our attendance was way down -- worst we've had this year.  And, there was no joy or wind in my sails.

Yes, it is Memorial Day weekend.  Yes, it is a hot day.  Yes, glitches do happen from time to time when technology is being used.  But, still.  I do wonder sometimes.  Perhaps the devil doesn't want you to know the truth?

That brings me to another thought from today.  Preaching such un-Presbyterian fare.  Preaching like some tent revival, hell-fire damnation, naive preacher!  And yet, I think anyone who reads their Bible for all its worth is confronted with a spiritual universe that is just beyond our sensory grasp.  Seen only through the eyes of Faith.

But, the real reality is that God is still working his purposes out; and will continue until he has finished and is all in all.

Anyway, just some thoughts from today.  Have a great day and enjoy the day off tomorrow.

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