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July 3, 2012, 2:12 PM

One of Those Days

Well, I must say that Sunday should have been a very good day.  I was preaching from a passage that really stokes me -- the last two chapters of Revelation.  The heights that this section reaches is just flat out incredible.  When you go back to the prophets, especialy Isaiah, you see how Revelation really cashes in on those prophecies.  Beautiful!

And yet, the Friday previous to Sunday, the electricity goes out abruptly at 9:01 pm in the wake of a sneeky storm.I was just about to type the words, "You have heard the Word of God, now consider it so very well.   Amen."  And then.  Nothing.  The computer screen goes dark, and I realize that I have lost everything!  Again!  Possibly, when the power comes back on, I can recover the file.  Well, here it is Tuesday, and the power is still off in our household!  I understand that there are still 12,000 houses without power in Roanoke County where I reside.  Nice to know that my household will probably, at this rate, be the last one reconnected.  (Thank you so very much APCO!)

I had a bad day Sunday.  Slept in the sanctuary on the pew Saturday night.  Washed my hair in the sink.  Put on a smile, and tried to persuade myself that I could pull off the sermon.  Believed every word I spoke that morning.  But, just wasn't feeling it.  I needed to be in the pews that morning, not behind the pulpit.

I remember a story from my college days about an early 20th century, Texas preacher named J. Frank Norris.  Norris was the first "mega-church" pastor in America.  Extremely charismatic and powerful, but also way too controversial.  Anyway, story was told about the time J. Frank mounted the pulpit one Sunday evening.  The crowds had gathered tohear the popular preacher.  But J. Frank wasn't up to preaching this night.  He reportedly said, "I don't have it tonight."  And proceded to walk out of the pulpit.  The crowd just sat in stunned silence.  Finally, they realized that J. Frank wasn't going to preach, so they got up and went home.

Don't think I could pull a J. Frank.  Don't think that would be right.  Besides, I'm not J. Frank.

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