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June 11, 2011, 11:33 AM


Navi (pronounced Nah-VEE) is the Hebrew word for prophet.  This is what we will be talking about tomorrow.  Kind of neat that we also begin a Sunday School Bible Study with Ezekiel tomorrow as well.  I didn't overtly plan it out that way.  Perhaps a God thing, I suppose.

Here's my opening tomorrow:  There really is so much crazy stuff out there when it comes to prophets and prophecy.  Shoot, we just had a crazy, nationwide prophecy episode.  Read this article here in the overflow, for an example:  Former Student on Harold Camping's Change From Solid Bible Teacher to False Doomsday Prophet.

Tomorrow, I want to you to understand what a prophet is all about as we consider one of the most spectacular passages of the entire Old Testament.  It is, as we shall see, a divine advertisement declaring what God will do [has done!] in Jesus Christ.  Ultimately.  When it gets down to brass tacks, we have to realize that the stuff we read in the Bible is not there to tantalize our curiosity fancies -- much less, tickle our ears!

I've said it once (maybe more):  This Bible stuff is pastoral.  Okay, I won't keep harping on that.  I'll just have to figure out how to say it more creatively.  You know, variety.

I hope you come away tomorrow with a greater understanding of how a specific prophecy evolved over time and was finally fleshed out by Jesus.  Maybe you'll have a greater appreciation for what God has done in Christ.  Maybe you'll come away loving Christ more!

See you tomorrow. 

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