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January 13, 2014, 7:18 AM

Monday Morning Quarterback

I am slow.  During the week when I am preparing a sermon, I read, I pray, I talk to myself, I lay awake in bed turning the sermon structure over and over in my mind.  Sometimes, I'm on early and I wrap the work up by Thursday night.  Sometimes I don't get moving with the writing project until Thursday night.  If Thursday night is the actual time of "breaking ground," then I can expect to be tinkering and polishing right up to Saturday night.  Oh, the life of a pastor with the relentless approach of the Sabbath!

Last week, I shared on Facebook that the sermon Sunday was going to be on humility.  My pastor friend, Brian Robinson of Layman Church in Roanoke, almost immediately poked me and said something like, "Cool, I'm doing something similar Sunday."  He then mentioned social media as a concern.  Duh.  That one just sailed over my head.  I didn't think much more about it because I already had my thought track on the sermon and nothing was going to get in the way...even a wise sermon tip.

Sunday afternoon following church, as I was pulling my car into the home garage, the light finally came on (not just the garage light):  Social Media!  Social MEdia.  Narcissism.  Selfies.  Interminable me-ism.  "Hey, look what I'm doing!" "Ain't my kids the greatest?!"  Bragging in passive ways and other circumlocutious ways.  Social media doesn't exactly provide fertile soil for humility to grow.  Not saying it can't happen; or that it can't be a good platform for good.  Just saying.

Epic fail.  How could I miss that opportunity on a sermon focusing on humility (and pride)?

---   ---   ---

And by the way, how do you like the hypocrisy of this self-referential blog entry?   ;-)

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