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August 19, 2011, 2:39 PM

Follow Up

Okay, the news.  Noelle's viral load -- the name of the blood test that actually searches the body for the HIV virus --- came back negative this morning.  She is clear.  She does not have HIV.  She had a false positive on her initial screen.  The horror of last weekend is now in the rear view mirror.  We are grateful and relieved.  We are thankful for the many friends who expressed concern and care and prayed for us and our littlest girl.  You really were Jesus to us.

But now, as I reflect back on the week and the sermon topic from this past Sunday, I must say that I am humbled.  I have always read "Come boldly before the throne of grace for grace (favor!) and mercy in your time of need" much like I read Romans 8:28 "All things work together for the good to them who are the called by God according to his purpose." -- Perfunctorily.  Hastily.  Familiarly. Detachedly.  Academically.  In a way, I approached it in the spirit of, "Well, I'll never really need that one."

Well, I did need that one promise.

I can say this in all Reformed seriousness:  I did not deserve the grace and mercy I received.  I was angry and bitter.  And I was angry at God.  And I called him out last Friday.  My three dogs and the Lord were the only ones who heard my private rant. The dogs probably knew better.  God didn't take me out on the spot.  [Take that, ingrate!]  He is allowing me another day to speak of his love and mercy.  (And I will!)

Over this past weekend, I had to simmer in all of the things that I've preached over the past ten years.  Not only are they true, but I've also learned first-hand the truth of "unconditional election" in the famous Calvinistic acrostic from Dort: TULIP.  We do nothing to deserve or merit our salvation.  As God says over and over in the prophets:  I will save you for my name's sake -- not yours.  The Lord knows better!



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