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December 17, 2011, 11:50 AM

Everybody Loves Jesus?

I was on the Trevin Wax's Kingdom People blog yesterday, and came across what he said was one of his favorite clips from Everybody Loves Raymond.  He spelled out the exchange that caught his fancy: 

Ray: “I practice being a good person every day. I’m a decent fellow. I do good things. I always leave a big tip. If a squirrel runs in front of the car, do I not swerve? I am considerate of people’s feelings. Remember the plumber who came over with the big eye? I treated him like a completely normal person. OK, so, why do I have to go to church every Sunday to prove my goodness? I’m living it!”

Debra: (sarcastically) “Well, you know, since you are so good during the week, maybe on Sundays we should have everybody come over here and sit around you!”

That's good stuff!  I know that the actress who plays Debra (Patria Heaton) is (I think) a self-described, unashamed Christian in Hollywood -- a rarity these days --but I never realized how much pull she had in the scripts.  (At least I'm guessing that she contributed a little understanding there.)  However, after this initial exchange, things start to get back to normal -- church and Jesus getting relegated to obscure, boring, why do people do this anyway? stuff.

Check out the clip below and see what I mean:

Go here: Everybody Loves Raymond Clip

Apparently everybody loves Raymond; but not everybody thinks Jesus is all that.

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