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April 13, 2012, 7:35 PM

Down Memory Lane

This Sunday marks a very special day for me.  My good friends from my twenty-something days are going to be joining us for worship.  In fact, one particular couple - Mark & Sherri Brungard - will also have a special day, because their son, Mark, Jr. will be preaching for the very first time.  More on Jr. a little later.  The other couple coming on down for the service is Michael & Wende Parker.  All of them live in Lynchburg now, and we don't get together very much because life has just gotten so hectic, and we all have families of our own to look after.  The Brungards have four grown children - Becca, Mark, Jr., Isaac and Sarah.  The Parkers have two little girls about the age of my own kids, Kara and Kalah.

God certainly has been good to all of us!  Back in the day, it was Michael, Sherri and I who were young, single believers at Grace Church.  We were involved in a young adult Bible Study with believers from other area churches, and we were serious about unpacking God's Word for our lives.  Wondering what he had in store for us.  We had fun.  We talked alot.  We shared insights.  We sat in church together.  We went to movies together.  I still remember going to one of the Police Squad movies and laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes - and Sherri giving me the evil eye of righteous indignation for enjoying it so much.  I digress!

Mark and I went to Liberty University together.  He came to Roanoke after graduation, looking for work, and found another Work.  That was Sherri's maiden name!  I remember the day they announced that they had eloped and gotten married.  Michael and I traded places by being the best man in each other's wedding.  He married a childhood friend of Shannon's.  Wende grew up in Delaware, as did Shannon.  Small world!  Michael and Wende met while they were students at Liberty University.

These are special people who will be with us on Sunday.  Now, for Mark, Jr., he is a student at Liberty University.  He is sorting through what he wants to do.  He thinks he may be sensing a call into ministry.  Since we are "friends" on Facebook, I observed that many of his posts sounded an aweful lot like me at that age.  I could see that he had that same preacher wiring that only preachers have.  Can't explain it, but I know it when I see it.  When I had lunch with his dad, I threw out the offer to preach for Mark, Jr.  Next things next, Jr. accepted the offer.

I hope this will be a great time for him as he opens the Word for us.  I pray that the wind would catch him and give him a deep sense of joy as he speaks.  I hope that he will leave Salem on Sunday with some solidified plans for preparing further for ministry in the local church.  I pray that God will speak to us in a mighty way through him.

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