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March 23, 2012, 8:57 AM

Applied Christianity

Perhaps as a way of justifying this post, I must say that the article that I am linking up to is an application of everything I have ever tried to teach you in my pulpit time.  The reality is, if you walk out of here week after week and have no change of heart in any shape or degree...well, perhaps you could find better things to do with precious R&R time on the weekend!  Oh, that is a hard thing to say!

The bottom line, I think, is that we don't do church for the sake of entertainment or even as a task to be checked off dutifully.  No, we come to worship to be changed.  We want God to work in our hearts.  We want to be firmly reminded of who we are week after week.  It IS a weekly memory post-it note:  "You are a child of God!  This is who you are supposed to be!"  (Of course, this in no way exhausts the reasons we do weekly worship, you understand.)

With that said, I now submit this article to you for your enjoyment!  The response of these Christians to the village "atheist" is what it is all about!  Note well in this article that the man does not claim that he has changed his mind about Christ as a result of these kindnesses-- just his surprising reappraisal of some of his followers!  For all we know, he is still a prosoner to his "atheism."

Nevertheless, we are to do good to all people irregardless of whether we ever get a "decision for Christ."  We don't even do nice things as a means to an end.  We do these things because that is who we are!  We do them because this is what God is like -- and we are created in His image!

Oh man, that stuff will preach!

Here it is:  Atheist Gets a Taste of God's Goodness.

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