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December 7, 2011, 3:33 PM

Another Take on Christmas

I came across yet another article on the Christmas vs. Dandy December match-up.  I wanted to link to this because I find that I do not agree with this author's ultimate discomfort with the way Christmas is celebrated here in the West but it is something to chew on and wrestle with.  This is, I want to point out, a Christian perspective on the issue.  Go here:  Let's put "Christ"-mas in its place

 Now first of all -- X-mas is nothing more than taking the Greek letter chi (X -- the first letter in the word Christ), and shortening the word Christmas with Christian shorthand.  When I am scribbling notes in prep for a sermon or class, I will abbreviate Christ or Jesus with an "X."  When I abbreviate God, it is the Greek letter theta.  The Holy Spirit, the Greek letter pi.  X-mas is neither a desecration of the word Christmas nor a secular substitute!

Second of all, I have made my peace with Christmas.  The core of the holiday is about giving.  It is about peace.  It is about hope.  If you choose to see giving gifts and celebrating at endless Winter Solstice office or class parties as senseless consumption, then call me spiritually incorrect.  I don't mind.  All people, and I really do mean all people, even those who don't name the Name Jesus, know deep down in their hearts that there is something special about this time of year.  It does take a special person (the Son of God) to inspire such a universal outburst of Christmas cheer all over the world, in every setting.

Third, I am finding one big thing that I find as irritating as all of the radio stations in the Valley en masse turning to 24/7 Christmas music before Halloween -- and that is the cosmic kill-joy spiritual gas-bags who find the evil of commercialism behind every Christmas celebration.  Get a Light, man!

N.B.  I DO like Christmas season music -- just not before Thanksgiving!

 On a sermon note, I will not be preaching this Sunday.  This will be the Sunday that we have our Christmas Cantata and Drama.  I look forward to getting back with this Advent series in the Gospels.  On the 18th, we will be looking at the first three verses of the Gospel of Mark.  There is no birth narrative in that Gospel.  But, Mark does have alot to say about Christmas!  More on Friday.

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