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September 23, 2013, 7:59 AM

And Another Thing

As I listened to the ending of the sermon yesterday, I was putting my head in my hands and saying, "Oy vey."  Oh, the things I should have said there.  Here's how it went down:  "Now of course, we all know that David had feet of clay as well.  He was not always the king he was called to be.  Nor was his son, Solomon (the wisest man to walk the face of the earth), nor Solomon’s son; nor any other son of David that followed up until the exile.  And yet, from the Chronicler’s point of view, it will be a king from David’s line who will fulfill the needs of not only the nation of Israel, but of the entire world.  When we look at Saul, we know that we need the greater David.  We need Jesus.  You have heard the Word of God.  I ask you to consider it so very well.   Amen."

I did not make it clear that JESUS was/is that greater David to come! (There, I said it clearly!)  In context, the Chronicler was using the inglorious demise of King Saul to reinforce the legitimacy of and divine approval of David's claim to the throne; but we must keep in mind that Chronicles was written to the generation after the exile.  There was no son of David leading the rebuilding effort in Jerusalem for them.  There was no king in Israel at this time.  Really, there was no king until Jesus came along nearly 400 years later!  The Chronicler, it seems to me, was re-fueling the messianic hope to that post-exilic generation with his reminder that the throne was given to the son of Jesse and reinforced with the subsequent mostly positive portraits of David's successors.  David's line was re-affirmed as God's choice in the hearts of the people.

My thinking here is that the subsequent accounts of the kings of Judah in 2 Chronicles will touch upon the faithfulness and heart for God that will be fulfilled only and ultimately in the greater David to come in Jesus.  Of course, the original post-exilic hearers of Chronicles didn't (couldn't) see Jesus here.  However, they do hear that they are God's people - still God's people -- and that they need to be about the business of re-establishing the temple and worship in Jerusalem and in the Land.  There is also optimism that the line of David is still alive and a very real possibility.  Another son of David will arise and assume the throne if they are faithful.  That's my take.

This is why I made the overblown claim about the key to understanding the message of the Bible being tied to getting what the Chronicler was doing with his lead-in of Saul's demise.

For us, I think that we are kind of like that post-exilic generation.  Jesus has long since ascended to the right hand of the Father.  Life is not always easy.  We get lost often in our own troubles and doubt.  However, we are reminded and exhorted in the New Testament that we are still the people of God and that our King will return soon.  In the meantime, we are to be about the business of maintaining the right worship of God and reflecting His glory to the world.

Oh, well.  There's always next week!

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