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February 20, 2012, 12:03 PM

A Post-Script

What wonderful timing yesterday!  We were able to get in all the activities that we had scheduled before the snow really hit hard.  Sunday School, worship, the 2nd annual Chili-Cook-Off, the field trip to Dixie Caverns and the wedding shower for Mike and Lindsay Noto.  Better yet, the weather did not impact our numbers yesterday.  Thank you New Hope for a wonderful day!

Another providential note:  We rolled into our long, steep and merely wet driveway at about 4:15 yesterday.  As soon as the car was safely in the garage, the snow started to stick as the temperature finally fell below 32 degrees for the first time dugin the day.  Oh, my.

But, to the matter at hand.  I said that I wanted to apply the message yesterday in this blog since I didn't anticipate being able to do it on Sunday.  Well, things were just so poisitive and upbeat during the service, that I just couldn't leave the task undone in the pulpit.  I did talk about what the basic points of Christian truth mean in practice.  perhaps I can just re-iterate what I said yesterday.

The points, as you see in the previous blog entry, are, 1) You can't earn salvation; 2) You are a natural sinner; and 3) The Faith is frought with difficulties (many times).

Now, if we leave it there with those three points, then we become the frozen chosen!  Cold, stern Presbyterians who think having fun is a sin!  That being joyful is un-Christian!  It's all about groveling in our sin and unworthiness.

Well, no.  The point of the three points is to free us up to be joyful.  To free us up from the hang-up of maintaining our good standing before God.  To truly rejoice in the mercy and love of God.  To empower us as we serve the Kingdom of God, knowing that we cannot and will not fail.  There are so many great things ahead of us in the plan of God!  This doesn't mean it's going to be easy.  But, it is there for the taking!

I can't wait to unpack the remaining messages in this series! 


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