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June 9, 2011, 7:50 AM

A Little Extra on Brainwashing & a Teaser

Okay, I know we are past this topic, at least officially -- we will always be working on this one way or another -- but when I got up this morning and saw this article in my daily morning read, I couldn't help but feel a little heat in the gut.  The article comes from the Appomattox weekly news disseminator, The Times-Virginian.  The high school's (Appomattox County High School) annual baccalaureate service did not happen this year.  It was canceled at the last moment because, according to the school's principal, there was a lack of preparation from the seniors who are responsible for making it happen.  Teachers can't help here because that would be an egregious church-state no-no.  Actually, the real reason that this service did not happen?  There was no interest in the service from this graduating class.  Period.  One kid shows up at the planning meeting the week before.  What gives?  That's loaded!

Now, when I lived in Appomattox, I used to sometimes tell people jokingly, "There's one Presbyterian church, one Methodist, one Episcopalian, one Anglican, one Catholic...and 14,000 Baptist churches in Appomattox."  (14,000, incidentally, was the population of the entire county at the time, in case you're wondering.)  How is it that a town with that many churches -- that much Gospel-saturation -- can raise kids on the cusp of official adultdom, who seem so apathetic about this significant, singular, rite-of-passage-worship service?  If ever there was a time when these soon-to-be official adults ought to be seeking the smile of Providence -  baccalaureate is the ideal time and the place!  Apparently, many of these graduating seniors don't see it that way.  Why?!

  • Parenthetical Remark Time:  (I do understand that these services can be incredibly rote and plastic (like many Sunday worship services) -- but I'm aiming at the principle of the thing here!)

This is not a knock on Appomattox.  And I surely don't think this means that there are no good Christian kids in Appo -- there are many!  But this, unfortunately, is symptomatic of far too many kids being raised in the church.  This is the problem in a nutshell:  It is simply not their Faith.  It is their parents' Faith.  And the parents' Faith doesn't seem all that compelling because maybe the Faith isn't all that compelling to mom and dad to begin with.  I don't know.  That's the view from the cheap seats.

Alright, I'll move on in my next entry to what's up on Sunday.  As a preview, we are going to be looking at Deuteronomy 18:15-19.  This text is one of the most Christocentric passages in all of the New Testament.  I'm calling this sermon Up Close & Personal.  And man, is it ever!  See you Saturday here in these pages.

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